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Gift-A-Geddon 2019

Nightwraith | Thursday, September 24, 2020

A familiar chill fills the air as an eagerly anticipated event approaches Delta V once again. For veteran players, it's a familiar tradition marked by excitement, boundless generosity, and intense competition. Some might say this Design Notes intro is a familiar tradition. Almost like Nightwraith is reusing text for recurring events...nah, couldn't be.

The 2019 season of Gifting is nearly here! This year, gifting will officially go online Tuesday December 3rd and last until  Tuesday January 7th, 2019, with all the upgrades introduced last year including larger room capacity, speedier opening, gifting streaks, reduced gifting cost, higher gifter achievement tiers, and leaderboards! Why the later start date this year? Thanksgiving is dangerously close to the start of gifting this year, and we didn't want to risk turning on a huge event, having something break, and pulling folks away from their family revelry to comb through ActionScript. It also allows you, the players, enjoy some quality quiet time before the gifting fervor kicks in.


Legendary Epic Mega-Pack!

Since it was such a smash hit last year, this year, Wednesday November 20th to be exact, we'll be delivering a massive mega-pack of 35,000 Varium for 20,000 Artix Points. This package will be available after a brief update early in the day. Those who purchase this pack will also be awarded a one-time Legendary Epic Supporter 2019 achievement! This is an incredible value, but it will only be around for a limited time: the promotion will officially end when gifting begins on December 3rd!


Epic Supporter 2019!

This year, once the mega-pack promotion ends, it will be replaced by not one, but two new promotional packages! The first is the holiday 15,000 Varium package, which is a great value. Since we've found that players who choose this package tend to purchase it multiple times throughout the gifting event, the Epic Supporter 2019 achievement that is automatically awarded will be an evolving achievement! This achievement will also be available with the upcoming Omega Frost Destroyer Promotional Pack!


The Prize

Last year we left the prize options wide open with numerous caveats and clarifications. Even though the idea of an Epic Wish was left fairly open-ended, most people opted for a customized rare item. This year, we'd like to keep things simpler (but still exciting!) by offering the top 15 Gifters a customized item! What does this mean? Here are some parameters, which could change over the course of the gifting event:

  • The item to be customized must already exist.
  • This item can be any sword, sidearm, auxiliary, home item, armor, bot, or class-specific item that has ever been available in-game.*
  • Items from other games can be requested, but require permission from the corresponding game lead, and must align with an already existing item category in EpicDuel. They must also be compatible with EpicDuel’s art style. For example, AQ3D items and AQW armors can’t be adapted for ED without being entirely recreated.
  • If the request is for the physical version of a weapon, and there's a corresponding energy version, the gifting finalist may have the energy version as well. However, you cannot request an entire promo pack or weapon set.
  • Customization requests can be refused if they're deemed unreasonable or illegal (copy-written material, offensive, etc...).
  • The item(s) must be awarded to the same character that made the top 15 gifting list. No item transfers will be honored.
  • The item may have any core available in-game equipped to it as long as it's of the proper category (i.e. no auxiliary cores on primary weapons, etc...).
  • Since it was a huge headache last year, this year, cores will not be customized.

*Founder Exception: Only the first place gifter may request Founder Armor, however, if you have a Founder Achievement form the Founder phase of EpicDuel, but no Founder Armor, you may ask for Founder Armor.

The first place gifter will receive a customized weapon as specified above, but will additionally receive a completely custom item. This can be any item category. The winner will also have the option to receive up to 20 unique codes to share the completely original custom item with friends...or not! It's entirely up to them!

Hopefully this list will help you make your decision easier without being too restrictive. We'll work with the winners to make sure their wishes are fulfilled to their satisfaction within the parameters established above. If any winner is found to have cheated, they will not be eligible for a wish and will likely have their account disabled.


Omega Wolf Gear Returns!

It's nearly time for the seasonal-rare Winter items to return to EpicDuel, and that means the promotional Omega Wolf Gear is due to return! Visit Torgan to check out this gear with newly-unlocked Active cores!

  • Omega Wolf Blaster P/E (sidearm)
  • Omega Wolf Rifle P/E (auxiliary)
  • Omega Wolf Fang P/E (sword)
  • Omega Wolf Bloodletter/Souleater (mutating)
  • Omega Wolf Rider (non-CC vehicle)

Cores: These previously promotional cores will also return to Torgan for purchase with Varium only

  • Tactical Reload (Sidearm): Get a free reload of your sidearm, bypassing cooldown.
  • Icy Overkill (Aux): Overload your auxiliary, ignoring 35% of target's defense. Is unusable for rest of battle.
  • Wolf’s Fury (Primary): While low on health, unleash an unblockable attack with a 25% crit/stun chance and 100% energy conversion. Also does 26% attack damage to target’s energy.


Congratulations to the Nightmare Slayers!

Your last chance for the year to defeat Nightmare Nightwraith and claim the rare Nightwraith armor will be Friday November 29th! So far, only 100 duelists have achieved this rare feat. If you already have the armor, you still have some time to help someone struggling with this battle to win this mighty prize! 


Stay tuned for more updates as Gifting 2019 approaches!


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