Gifting 2020 Continues

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Gifting 2020 Continues

Nightwraith | Friday, February 5, 2021

Gifting continues at a furious pace as the gifting leaders shower Delta V with epic generosity! There's still plenty of time to get in on the gifting fun whether you plan on giving or getting as spontaneous and scheduled gifting events pop up all over the game world! 


Seasonal Rares Unleashed

Missed out on the rest of the year's releases and the multitude of seasonal rares that came along with them? No problem! We've returned nearly all the seasonal rares to their respective shops! Pirate weapons, Spring weapons, Harvest weapons, birthday weapons, and more all now available!


New Weapon Prizes!

More weapons have been added to the prize pool! You'll now have a chance to receive Deuce's Krampus Curse weapons with each gift unwrapped. Can you collect them all? There might be a reason to get the whole set very soon!

  • Krampus' Curse Sword P
  • Krampus' Curse Sword E
  • Krampus' Curse Claws P
  • Krampus' Curse Claws E
  • Krampus' Curse Axe P
  • Krampus' Curse Axe E
  • Krampus' Curse Staff P
  • Krampus' Curse Staff E
  • Krampus' Curse Blaster P
  • Krampus' Curse Blaster E
  • Krampus' Curse Cannon P
  • Krampus' Curse Cannon E


Bug Fixes:

  • Frozen Fist: Now affected by Reactive Armor
  • Focused Fury: Now affected by Reactive Armor

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