Gifting 2021 Continues

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Gifting 2021 Continues!

Nightwraith | Friday, December 10, 2021

It's been an incredible week for Gifting with strong initial showings from several determined players. This week we're buffing the Gifting drop pool with new items and adding new daily missions to help you spend those extra Void and Omega Wolf Shards weighing down your inventories.


Welcome, Acatriel!

With all the excitement of Gifting season it seems I forgot to officially announce Acatriel as the latest addition as a gold-name member of the EpicDuel team. He's worked with us for a few months on piecemeal contracts for individual weapon and armor sets, but quickly showed ambition for animating skills, bosses, and experimenting with map screens. This combination of skill, ambition, and dedication led us to upgrade him to a staff position. These last few months Acatriel has been instrumental in numerous content releases, including the Cosmic Carnage, Adjudicator Saga Events, and many of the Gifting drop items. Please be respectful and kind when you see him in-game and congratulate him on his role!

Before you ask, no, he can't make you mod, give you an account, or free Varium!


New Mods

If you see some new green names, do not fear. Unless, of course, you're breaking the TOS by doing things like hacking or cheating or trolling, then you should actually be afraid. The new mods are DeWalt, NEXTEC, and Estwing who are helping deal with the increased volume of moderator reports and actions that comes with the influx of players during gifting.

Some hackers may try to be sneaky and impersonate a new or old mod. Remember that real mods will never ask for your account information or offer you free Varium or accounts. 


New Gifting Item Drops

Gifting drops have been buffed with new creations from Acatriel representing the Infernal Samurai set! Can you collect them all? 

  • Infernal Samurai Katana P
  • Infernal Samurai Katana E
  • Infernal Samurai Blaster P
  • Infernal Samurai Blaster E
  • Infernal Samurai Cannon P
  • Infernal Samurai Cannon E
  • Infernal Samurai Blades P
  • Infernal Samurai Blades E
  • Infernal Samurai Hammer P
  • Infernal Samurai Hammer E
  • Infernal Samurai Staff P
  • Infernal Samurai Staff E


More Omega Void Trials

More daily missions have dropped! Seek Snork and Kraggor to forge these new rare weapons!

  • Godeater
  • Voideater
  • Nightmare Devourer
  • Apocalypse Tomb
  • Oblivion Tomb


Overlord Operative Armor

Months ago players who qualified for the top prize in the Overlord Facility War received an unsellable mission item "Overlord Operative Blueprint". Because the official reward was behind schedule, this was designed to be a placeholder until the item could be completed. Months passes and this reward kept being kicked further and further back by the weekly demands of EpicDuel's updates, compounded by some technical errors that resulted in the armor's original file being lost and corrupted.

To compensate players who received this reward, last week we swapped the Blueprint for the Overlord Operative Armor. To compensate for the delay, these players also received the Overlord Operative Armor  CC and the Overlord Operative Order achievement. Special thanks to Acatriel for helping complete this long overdue reward.

  • Overlord Operative Armor
  • Overlord Operative Armor CC
  • Overlord Operative Order achievement


Rating Stars

There was some confusion surrounding the nomenclature of the new rating tier for stars. Since Diamond Stars seemed confusing as diamond was interpreted as referring to shape rather than color, Infernal Stars (suggested by CactusChan) might be a better designation as the new stars do share the Infernal color scheme. I dig it. Since some players are already nearing the new cap, we may need to think of another tier sooner than later.

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