Gifting 2021 Midpoint

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Gifting 2021 Midpoint

Nightwraith | Friday, December 17, 2021

Gifting has reached the midpoint, but the leaderboards are still just getting warmed up! Login today for new daily mission challenges, new styles, and more extreme Gifting action!


Early Gifter Upgrade

Last week there was a rather dramatic change to Gifting in the form of a lifting of the room/world population cap. The limit was raised from 200 to...well let's hope we don't hit the new limit. I'm surprised and impressed the game held up as well as it has. This change was mainly done to thwart the efforts of hackers who were bypassing the prior cap, but it also boosted scores rapidly. This led to those who Gifted in the first week to feel put out (to put it mildly). After a week of observing Gifting patterns and collecting additional data, we arrived at a solution that should adjust scores to appropriately account for the raised cap: 

  • Anyone who Gifted between December 3 and December 9th will receive a 75% boost to their Gifting scores for that date range.
  • This score bonus percentage was determined by observing gifting in the days since the change and determining the average score advantage from those major Gifting sessions.
  • Anyone who was the #1 Daily Gifter for that date range will receive a bonus Exalted Daily Gifter achievement.
  • This bonus will be applied manually so please be patient as the scores and achievements are updated. There are over 200 accounts to update so this could take several hours to complete.
  • If the bonus puts you above the 15,000 Gift threshold for a Silver Secret Package, you will receive one. 


Founder Exception Clarification:

We've seen some speculation concerning the previously established Founder Exception, and I wanted to clarify the rules before any rumors spin out of control. First, the wording of the Founder Exception, taken from the original post: "Also, winners who achieve a gifting score higher than 1,000,000 gifts will be eligible for Founder."

"Winners" would only include people in the top 15 who achieve a score of 1,000,000. If all top 15 Gifters achieve scores over 1,000,000, all 15 could ask for Founder Armor. If the 16th place person gets a score of over 1,000,000, they wouldn't qualify.

People have also asked about adjusting the requirement upward to account for the room cap changes, but since this is the final Gifting Event, the requirement of 1,000,000 Gifts will stay as it is.


New Daily Omega Void Challenges:

Save those Void and Omega Wolf Shards to unlock a new batch of exotic weapons and a new armor in these new daily missions!

  • Shrouded Nightmare
  • Shrouded Oblivion
  • Sanguine Nail
  • Void Nail
  • Eldritch Fang
  • Void Fang
  • Nightmare Fang
  • Infernal Samurai

New Styles:

Five new holiday styles have arrived, including a rather festive CC Adjudicator helm! 


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