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Gold Gone Wild

Beleen | Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Heroes hit a record high in Artix Entertainment history: 5 Billion Gold spent this weekend on the new Item Augment system! 

Hey gamers! Hold on to your helms because we've got an epic announcement for you. Over the weekend, the world of Lore witnessed a spectacle like no other as players in AdventureQuest 3D spent over – *raises pinky to lips* – 5 BILLION Gold

It all started innocently enough on Thursday evening when our game devs released the new Item Augment system and a Gold Boost bonus. Players who logged in received double the gold rewards for completed quests and monsters slain. It was – and still is! – a dream come true for adventurers seeking to build their treasure troves. The Gold Boost is happening now, and we’re extending the boost for another week too, due to a bug that did not award double gold for daily quests over the weekend. 

Much like me like all the time, the servers buzzed with excitement as players tested out the new Augment system. There’s a detailed post here about Augments, but the TL;DR version is this: Item Augments modify the stats on ANY item, and Augments can show up when just getting an item anywhere, anytime, at any level – so even a Level 1 player can get an Augmented item. You can also ‘roll’ Augments by talking to Maximus in Battleon for a chance at getting a stronger Augment with better stats modifiers (each roll costs about 4000 Gold, btw). 

The prospect of acquiring the best Augments in game was just too tantalizing to resist; guilds coordinated their efforts, players teamed up with fellow gamers, and friendships were forged in anticipation of the Augmented item builds that lay ahead. Heroes held nothing back as they ventured forth with reckless abandon, slaying fearsome monsters, completing quests at breakneck speed, and rolling to get the best Item Augments for their character builds. The Gold Boost was also dishing out buckets of bullion that even the game's economy cheered at the presence of this virtual gold rush.

Come Monday morning, our excitement reached its peak: we counted the coffers and discovered that a staggering 5 billion gold was spent over the weekend! This was a new record in AQ3D (it actually kinda broke the database, lol) and it was also the highest amount of gold ever spent during a release in Artix Entertainment history. Wow!!

Suffice to say, gamers and game devs alike are loving the new Augment system and double Gold Boost. The Augment system is here to stay, and the Gold Boost is active until the following week’s release. This week’s release is launching either Wednesday or Thursday, and I personally think you’re going to love it.

New this week:
💥 Nulgath vs (*secret*)
🧡 Orange being added as a hair color! 
🙏 QoL update for Nulgath farming 
🗡️ August promo item
💰 Gold Boost bonus extended
🏆 New Guild Features being tested on PTR this Friday!

Going away this week:
🌊 Wave Breaker Blades, the July promo item
🧨 Rocket Man’s rewards & Party Sneevils in Battleon 

Next week:
🐈 Cats

Aaand I’ll just leave y’all hanging on that cryptic tidbit 😹

Battle on!
Beleen and the AQ3D Team who sadly does not get paid in gold, or cats

Edit: Sorry folks! These things in red will sadly not be released this week. The Nulgath Versus event has to be pushed to next week to get things perfect, and the Orange hair color has to come next week as well since there will not be a new client update this week. Thank you for your patience and understanding ❤️

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