Golden Giftbox Cross-Game Extravaganza

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Golden Giftbox Cross-Game Extravaganza

Hollow | Saturday, June 1, 2019

Golden Giftbox Cross-Game Extravaganza:
We have added over 20 items from all of your favorite AE games coming to the Golden Giftboxes! Find amazing items such as:

  • Arms of the Dragonguard Spell and Skill
  • Golden Dragon Head Shield
  • Eggzooka
  • Titanite Destroyer
  • Lovely Axe
  • Bonebreaker Berserker Armor, Axe and Faces
  • Fiend of Light Armor and Faces
  • Shadowscythe Templar Faces
  • FrostSpawn Horns Faces
  • Kezeroth's Devastation
  • Runed Legion Broadsword
  • Ceremonial Legion Blade
  • Winged Sapphire Staff
  • Void Spear of War
  • Weteye Pet
  • Grimlord Guest
  • Drakath Fiend Blade (Transforms you into a Fiend of Drakath)
  • Chambered Eternity Love
  • Fresh Asteraceae
  • Baby Dracolich Pet

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