Golden Giftboxes

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Golden Giftboxes

Hollow | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December Golden Giftboxes:

  • The cursed Blazing Bloodzerker Armor imbues you with a burning rage so powerful that it saps your very life when you strike your foes, but in exchange those strikes are much more powerful.
  • The Bloodzerker Blade fills you with a burning rage so powerful it drains your life as you strike, but deals greater damage than normal!  It does even more damage if you're in a Rage Warrior armor! This weapon can swap between Melee and Magic damage.
  • The Jolly variant of the Bard of War Armor is fiery proof that the ukulele is mightier than the sword. While normally a defensive armor, you can sacrifice some of your defence to inspire your pets and guests to act more quickly!

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