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Guild Screenshot Contest Winners Announced!

Beleen | Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Guilds, guilds, guilds! We had so much fun judging the Screenshot Saturday contest showcasing the great guilds in AQ3D. Meet our winners!

Happy Wednesday heroes! We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Guild Screenshot Saturday Contest. These players captured our hearts (and HP bars) with their extraordinary snapshots. The competition was fierce from guilds far and wide, and we received some of the most amazing screenshots we have ever seen. The judging panel faced the challenging task of selecting the best of the best of the best. After tallying the totals, we can now announce our winners!

1st Place Winning Guild: HYPEBEAST


🥇 HYPEBEAST [HYPE] takes home the coveted Grand Prize: an Emperor’s Chest for all [HYPE] guildmembers! These breathtaking images (both of which tied for 1st place btw) were captured by Warung and Almayudha respectively, and it’s no surprise why these wowed the judges! Congratulations to these talented photographers and all members of HYPEBEAST for their exceptional shots!

2nd Place Winning Guild: Gifted Gamerz [GIFT]


🥈 Coming in a close second, we have the Gifted Gamerz [GIFT]! This guild made headlines last week, but this photo snapped by Sean earned the well-deserved 2nd place prize: a Warlord’s Chest for all [GIFT] guildmates. Congratz to the Gifted Gamerz for appearing on the Design Notes once again!

3rd Place Winning Guild: Voice Implemented Party [VIP]


🥉 The 3rd Place prize goes to the guild Voice Implemented Party [VIP]! This royal image captured by Abs made a lasting impression on the judges, securing their spot on the winners' podium and a Soldier’s Chest for each [VIP]guildmember. Kudos! 

Prizes have now been distributed to all current guildmembers in the winning guilds. Amazing work, everybody! 🤩📸🙌

Even if you or your guild didn’t win a prize this time, we cannot wait to see your submissions in future contests! We receive so many amazing entries each time we host a contest, and your creativity and passion continue to inspire us all 🥰

Once again, a heartfelt congratulations to the winning guilds and a big thank you to all participants who made this contest a resounding success. Stay tuned for more exciting contests* in the future**!

Battle on!
Beleen, the judges, and the AQ3D team

* There’s actually an AQW GIF contest happening now! Check out the deets here.
** Spoiler alert: a HeroMart poster design contest is coming this week too, so that will be announced soon on

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