Harvest Fest Returns 2020

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Harvest Fest Returns

Alina | Friday, February 5, 2021

Seasonal Harvest Events Return

The leaves are turning colors, the birds are flying south and the sweet, sweet smell of pie is in the air. Harvest is coming! This year is going to be one of the biggest yet, but there is some trouble. Help Oishii, Twig and the gang save the Harvest feast from Turdrakens, evil veggies, Hungry Knights, Chaorrupted Grams and more!

Battle through all our returning Harvest Fest maps:

  • /harvest
  • /cornycopia
  • /turdraken
  • /float
  • /banquet
  • /grams
  • /artixhome
  • /feast
  • /foulfarm
  • /foulestfarm
  • /killerkitchen
  • /feastofsouls
  • /harvestzombie
  • /harvestslayer
  • /feastboss
  • /fearfeast
  • /dullahan
  • /feastwar
  • /meatlab
  • /furblefeast
  • /furborgship

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