Harvest Horror!

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Harvest Horror!

Nightwraith | Friday, February 5, 2021

Time for a new Harvest of Horror as EpicDuel received a harrowing host of new weapons and decorations for your home!


New Items:

Check out a horrifying harvest of new weapons created by Tomcat/Deuce and Bido available at Snork, hiding creepily at the base of the Wasteland Minetower!

  • Vampiric Claymore P
  • Vampiric Claymore E
  • Vampiric Slicers P
  • Vampiric Slicers E
  • Vampiric Hacker P
  • Vampiric Hacker E
  • Vampiric Staff P
  • Vampiric Staff E
  • Vampiric Stake Gun P
  • Vampiric Stake Gun E
  • Vampiric Stake Cannon P
  • Vampiric Stake Cannon E
  • Harvest Horror Scimitar P
  • Harvest Horror Scimitar E
  • Harvest Horror Slayer P
  • Harvest Horror Slayer E


New Home Items:

  • Jack O Lantern Basket
  • Pumpkin Mantlepiece
  • Purple Pumpkin Mantlepiece
  • Green Pumpkin Mantlepiece
  • Blue Pumpkin Mantlepiece

New Achievement

Hallow Warrior 3.0 is now available from the achievement shop!


Bug Fix:

  • Plasma Grenade: Couldn't but used in conjunction with Malfunction

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