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Heroic Housing

Nightwraith | Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Have you been putting off being a homeowner in EpicDuel? In an upcoming release, we'll introduce more reasons than ever to join the Delta V real estate market with a freighter-load of new homes, items, and an arcade to win some incredible new decorations! There's so much in this update that I've decided to postpone this week's release to combine it into next week's. This will allow for more content, more testing, and an opportunity to draw attention to a new home decorating contest!


What's Coming?

3 new homes, dozens of new home items (going for 50+, but might hit 100!), new achievements, new arcade, and additional improvements to homes. The item cap will be lifted from 15 to 25 items per room. Additionally, in clear violation of Delta V fire codes, I'm increasing the player cap per room to 25! I may try to squeeze in some more bug fixes and balance adjustments depending on how quickly things come together. As I mentioned, there will also be a new contest launching next Friday!


Weapon Stat Fix

A decent chunk of time was taken this week with work on the persistent and annoying weapon stat bug that has been kicking players for weeks. A few weeks ago EpicDuel increased the amount of stats that could be assigned to class-specific weapons such as clubs and wrist blades. A consequence was that this put certain items in an "illegal" configuration, which would kick players when they tried to upgrade these weapons. I had been fixing weapons for individual players who reported these issues, but a broader fix was needed. Our solution was to "unlock" any primary item that could be affected by this bug up to their owner's level. This fix resulted in many weapons being unlocked for free, but this was preferable to players being kicked from the game and not knowing why.


Stay tuned for more previews as the release progresses! 

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