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HeroMart Poster Winners Announced! 🎉 🎨

Beleen | Monday, December 4, 2023

The HeroMart Poster Contest was a HUGE success! The time has finally come to unveil the extraordinary talent within our amazing community. Drumroll, please... (and slow page load speeds ahead!)

Happiest of days, heroes! We are thrilled to announce the incredible winners of the HeroMart Poster Design Contest! The level of talent displayed in all the entries was truly outstanding, making the judging process challenging yet awe-inspiring. We are blown away by the incredible talent that poured into each submission, and we cannot believe how exceptionally gifted you all are 🤩

Without further ado, let's celebrate our amazingly talented artists!

🥇 1st Place Winner: Rod_X


!!! This is absolutely incredible, Rod_X! Your art brought back so many nostalgic memories of playing AQWorlds for the first time. Seeing those classic Class trainers illustrated so beautifully on a big poster like that landed you the coveted 1st Place prize! Congratulations, Rod_X! Not only will you receive 10,000 Artix Points and the “Contest Winner” character badge in AQW, but your art will also be made into a glorious 24” x 36” Poster for everyone to enjoy at HeroMart.com. Oh, and of course we’ll be mailing you a stack of your posters since you’re going to be famous someday soon!! Amaaaaaaaazing work, Rod_X!


🥈 2nd Place Winners





 Moria Judecca

WOW! These are such spectacular art pieces that we’ve decided to make these into Collector’s Prints on HeroMart right now! Let’s give a huge round of applause to our four 2nd Place winners: jan_aj, lightning_surge, ewa, and Moria Judecca! Your art dazzled us so much, so please take these 5,000 Artix Points – plus we’ll be mailing you your printed prints as well. Woohoo!


🥉 3rd Place Winners




d black star



All your art is so incredible that we had to add an additional prize pool! We are awarding our five fantastic 3rd Place winners with 2,500 Artix Points each: Bahib, Kanshi, d black star, Tonakai, and aze_. Your artistic prowess has added another incredible dimension to the HeroMart Poster Contest, and as such, we WILL be printing all your artwork at a future date. Bravo, bravo!


🌟  Honorable Mentions


L y s a



Grim Deal

regulus rivale

Sir Sebas

N o m

I’m running out of clever ways to say how amazed we all were over the sheer talent on display in this contest. So! We couldn't resist adding more winners to the mix! Each piece here truly deserves our praises – and 1,000 Artix Points as prizes. Great work Nulldude, L y s a, rusty_angel, mechamasterman, Grim Deal, regulus rivale, Sir Sebas, and N o m!  


💫 Special Categories

What kind of Artix contest would this be without awarding even more winners that we didn’t even initially plan for?! For each of the following contestants, please enjoy 500 Artix Points for your artistic endeavors!

“Like a Boss”




Xorrou Tenshi

“Gravelyn in Action”





“Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”




not Skrits


Thank you everyone who entered!

On behalf of everyone here at HeroMart and Artix Entertainment, we extend our sincerest thanks to each and every artist who poured their passion and creativity into this Poster Design Contest. We thought we *knew* how talented our community was, but you all elevated that to new heights with your marvelous submissions. Amazing work, everybody -- we added all these photos to a FB photo album if you wanted to see them in full sized glory!

And no matter if you won a prize or not, please know that your contributions have made a lasting impact on all of us – and for that, we are profoundly grateful. The diversity of styles, concepts, and interpretations showcased in your entries continues to leave us speechless, yet it truly speaks to the richness of our creative community. 

🏆 Winners who placed 1st and 2nd: please check your email regarding your prizes and the next steps for getting your art printed on HeroMart. We are in the middle of contacting you all, so be sure to check your inboxes so we can get your artwork all set up! 

💰 Other winners: emails are going out that contain your Artix Points prizes! There’s a special code in the email that’ll unlock your Artix Points earnings, which is mighty magical if you ask me.

Thank you all again for making this contest a celebration of art, imagination, and Artix games. We look forward to seeing more of your incredible work in the future, and we hope you continue to share your artistic brilliance with the world 🫵🎨✨🌎 

Stay tuned for future contests (like our sweet Creative Cookie Contest happening now), and please help us in congratulating all our winners once more!

Battle on,
Beleen and the entire Artix Entertainment team who are still reeling over how incredible our community is <3

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