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Holiday Cookie Contest

Glisel | Friday, February 5, 2021

2020 Holiday Cookie Contest

Preheat your ovens! It's time to bake some scrumptious works of art. This year's Frostvale Treat Contest is open to any kind of edible medium! Weapon cookies, frosted cupcake Moglins, your favorite character's face in the foam of your coffee, forbidden ice cream dragons, an alpha pie-rat, or popcorn sculptures of Dage... make any  Artix Entertainment game themed treat with your creativity at max throttle!

How to Enter/ Rules

  1. Create a piece of art using any food and any of the Artix games characters with a Frostvale theme. All culinary creatures are welcome!
  2. Must be your own art.
  3. Submit a photo of your artwork to the comments section of Artix's Contest Twitter post by New Year's Eve at midnight (12/31/2020)
  4. Include your In-Game Name and preferred Game. (How else will we know who to give prizes to?)


  • Grand Prize - $100 Artix Point Certificate, AQWorlds/AQ3D Badge, & a 30 minute hang out call with Artix (Is Discord OK?)
  • 10 Winners Circle - $50 Artix Point Certificate & 2020 Cookie Contest Winner badge for AQ3D/AQWorlds

As always, we reserve the right to give additional prizes to those who go above and beyond.

Good luck and Bake on!

Post your original entry on Artix's Official 2020 Cookie Contest Tweet


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