Hollowborn Boss Challenge

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Hollowborn Boss Challenge

Alina | Friday, February 5, 2021

Hollowborn Boss Battle + Reward Gear

This weekend, log into AQWorlds for an adventure... through the shadows. Talk to L'dia the Hollowborn Tamer in /hbchallenge. Ignore her warnings, and you'll encounter two of the Hollowborn race. Test your battle skills against them to earn tokens to spend in her Reward Shop. But beware... these are dark creatures. Strange creatures. You may find you want to join them.

The ShadowRaptor's drops include:

  • Hollowborn Adept armor
  • Hollowborn Shag and Locks helms
  • Hollowborn Blades
  • Hollowborn Cleaver mace

Battle the boss to get the drops above, then collect the Hollowborn Spite and Spirit resources to upgrade the gear in L'dia's merge shop.

The Hollowborn Merge Shop includes:

  • Hollowborn Executioner armor
  • Hollowborn Executioner's Hood
  • Hollowborn Gas Mask Hair + Locks helms
  • Hollowborn Scarves cape
  • Hollowborn Executioner's Bite 
  • Dual Hollowborn Cleavers daggers

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