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Who Says Pirates Aint Honest?

Beleen | Monday, October 2, 2023

The true tale of Captain Truthful, treasure chests, and the Talk Like a Pirate Day Screenshot Contest.

Happy Monday heroes! Gather 'round this here fine day as we delve into the extraordinary tale of Captain Truthful – aka our fellow player Lunaceria – who was the Grand Prize winner of this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day Screenshot Contest. Lunaceria, who may look like a pirate on the outside, single-handedly proved that even on the hornswogglin’ high seas (aaand social media), honesty is the best policy.

So what happened?

Last Friday we announced the winners of the TLaPD Screenshot Contest. Lunaceria’s screenshot was ranked the highest from our panel of 7 judges, since this screenie showcased an action-packed scene of a pirate in action. We had many other amazing entries as well, and ended up awarding 13 players for their spectacular screenshots too.


Unbeknownst to me, Lunaceria’s screenshot was posted a couple of years ago, and, since it had the same #hashtags as this year’s contest, it was accidentally grouped with the other contestants who entered this year. However, there were no rules about an “old” screenshot being used to enter this contest, so Lunaceria’s winning screenshot still held merit.


It wasn't Lunaceria’s victory that made waves among fellow pirates and players; it was her unwavering commitment to honesty that garnered the most attention. Lunaceria promptly came forward and stated that she did not enter this year’s TLaPD Screenshot Contest, so she did not feel right accepting the Grand Prize -- an Emperor’s Chest. Never before in the history of swashbucklers has a pirate handed over an illustrious treasure chest that did not belong to them!

Paraphrasing here:

"Arrr, this be a fine treasure, indeed," Lunaceria mused, "but does it truly belong to me?"

With that simple question, Lunaceria – undeniably Captain Truthful – set a heroic example that reverberated through the hearts of all pirates present. She firmly believed that the value of honesty surpassed all the riches in the world, and with unwavering resolve Lunaceria declared (I’m paraphrasing again): 

"I shall not take what aint rightfully mine. I shall gift this treasure chest to the rightful winner."


The tale does not end here. The AQ3D crew, moved by Lunaceria’s unwavering commitment to honesty, has decided to bestow additional treasure chests upon every pirate who placed in the contest! Thanks to Lunaceria, all 2nd Place Winners will receive an Emperor’s Chest, and all 3rd Place Runner Ups shall get Warlord’s Chests. And, for Captain Truthful herself, Lunaceria will keep her Emperor’s Chest for her absolute honesty and commitment to playing fair with our fellow friends!

And thus, we conclude this tale of Truthful Lunaceria, a pirate captain who knew that the compass leading to the greatest treasures wasn't forged from gold – but of honesty and integrity instead. 

When you see Lunaceria in game or sailing the social realms, be sure to thank her for her honesty and kindheartedness! Remember, me hearties, in a world teeming with doubloons and deceit, it's the pirates of honesty who truly uncover the hidden treasures of humanity 😍

Always be a bro and battle on!
Beleen, the judges, and the AQ3D team

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