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House Hunters

Alina | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Talk to Carl in /BuyHouse to build 10 new houses!

Last month, we asked on social media what in-game buildings/maps you'd like to see turned into equippable houses... and now, construction is ready to begin! Head to the /buyhouse zone and talk to Carl (of the 3 Little Wolves) to begin questing for the building materials you'll need to craft your perfect house.

House Hunt Details

To craft your dream home, you'll only need two things: the blueprint for that floorplan and building materials. Lots of building materials. Each floorplan has a different way to get it.

  • Clubhouse: Battle the RiddleLord Golem
  • Citadel Caverns: Battle Belrot the Fiend
  • Citadel Fortress: Murray’s shop
  • Dragonrune House: Elemental Master rep shop
  • Dragonrune Hall: Battle for the Mana Golem's Core to upgrade the Dragonrune House
  • Hachiko Hotel: Yokai rep shop
  • Arcangrove House: Arcangrove rep shop
  • Tower of Magic: Battle for the Mana Golem's Core to upgrade the Arcangrove house
  • Falcontower: Battle Dragon Drakath
  • Seraphic Fortress: Seraphic Gear shop

Talk to Carl to quest for the building materials you'll need. Each house requires a hefty load of wood, glass, and other materials. Plus gold. These little wolves don't oversee constructionf for free. 


10 Year Achievement Tracker Class Update

Last October, we announced the newest Achievement Tracker rewards... exclusive class variants. Since the planned rewards were taking longer than expeceted, we released the class armor sets. But now, at long last, our most dedicated players will be able to unlock their free class variation!

  • 10 Years Played: Enchanted Pirate
  • 600,000 AdventureCoins: Grim Necromancer
  • 9 Years Membership: Evolved Grenadier

You can read more details on each of the classes in this Design Notes post.

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