IceStorm Arena

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Enter the IceStorm Arena

Alina | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Warriors, Rogues, and Wizards of all levels and ranks are invited to fight through the ranks of the IceStorm Raiders for honor, glory, and new gear! Battle icy opponents from level 5 to 100 as you earn EXP and gold. High-level heroes can blast their way to the end of the arena to take on the level 100 Warlord IceWing boss.

Icy Barbarian Gear

The dev team's goal is to have the IceStorm arena serve as the best level farming area in-game - with the smoothest, most balanced progression, and high-level monsters for our more experienced heroes.

Merge Shop Rewards include:

  • Icy Barbarian armor + accessories
  • Icy Infernal armor + accessories

Plus, take on Warlord IceWing for a chance to get the Boreal Bardiche and Cavalier Claymore! 

Icy Infernal Gear

Who are the IceStorm Raiders?

After Tyndarius’ mortifying defeat in the Etherstorm Isles, and his rejection by the Queen of Monsters, the islands were abandoned… until King Rimescar and his army moved in to annex the lands. Ice and snow now blanket an area once known for its volcanic activity. To honor the winter holidays, he’s thrown open the arena to Lore’s most well-known and skilled hero… YOU!

Farming and Rebalancing

In the interest of updating some unbalanced areas and quests in the game, we've adjusted some monster levels and quest rewards.

Changes include:

  • Darkness monster level in the Bloodmoon Arena lowered to 25*
  • Alchemy quests XP lowered from 100 to 0
  • Dys-Geni-c Chaorruption? quest now rewards 5,000 gold and XP

And quest reward increases:

  • Willpower Extraction quest now rewards 10,000 XP
  • Demanding Items of Nulgath quest now rewards 10,000 XP
  • The Poisonous / Refreshing Deal quests now reward 10,000 gold and XP
  • GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE... quest now rewards 5,000 XP
  • Crag's Thirst quest now rewards 5,000 gold and XP
  • Retrieve Void Auras quest now rewards 10,000 gold and XP
  • Unstable Essences quest now rewards 10,000 gold and XP
  • Shadow Essences quest now rewards 10,000 gold and XP

* The Nothing monsters in the member-only /nightmare remain level 99.

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