Infernal Buff and Preview

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Infernal Buff and Preview

Nightwraith | Thursday, June 27, 2019

This week in EpicDuel we're introducing a truckload of new styles, fixing bugs, and significantly buffing some of the new Infernal Gladiator skills!

Infernal Buffs

  • Tremor Blast: Removed warmup; increased reduction to 20%
  • Infernal Surge: 25% increase in stats; 0 energy use
  • Plasma Super Beam: 4 Turn cooldown; Unlimited Use
  • Infernal Sting: 4 Turn cooldown


Bug Fixes

  • April Fools Founder Armor and Bike show up in Item Finder
  • Molten Bullet: No longer blockable


New Styles

It seems like it's been ages since EpicDuel added some hairstyles that were and not some kind of weird alien helmet or grostesque mask. This week, we borrowed some styles from DragonFable and adapted them to EpicDuel's template for use on all classes and genders. Hopefully these 30+ new styles will allow for some unique new customization combinations!


Coming Attractions

Although we started June strong with 2 new promotional bundles, there's still plenty in the pipeline for EpicDuel's June releases! Charfade will be getting a new makeover, along with new gear to reflect her evolution over the nearly 10 years she's been stranded on Delta V.

We've also enlisted the help of 2 new artists: Lae and Tyronius, who've already lent their talents to AQW. I think their style translates quite well to ED, and I can't wait to get their new WIPs in game! 

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