Infernal Dark Lord

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Infernal Dark Lord is Back

Alina | Saturday, June 1, 2019

Set Available for a Limited Time 

Lord Balax'el is a scion of the Darkness, leader of the Infernal Army fighting under the banner of the Queen of Monsters fulfill her goals. For those who aspire to be like him, you're in luck! The Infernal Dark Lord armor set is back in the Featured Gear Shop!

The set consists of:

  • Infernal Dark Lord armor
  • Dark Lord's Visage helm
  • Wings of Wrath cape

Infernal Dark Lord Set Availability

These items will be available in the Featured February Gear shop until May 3rd for AdventureCoins... but it WILL come back in the future (just like reoccuring event gear does)! The set will be avilable for two weeks whenever we have a release featuring Lord Balax'el or which takes place in Dreadrock Keep. (So if you can't get it this month, keep an eye on the Design Notes for when it will return!)

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