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Infernal Naval Upgrade Bonus

Alina | Friday, September 7, 2018

Upgrade to unlock the exclusive gear sets until September 28th!

Unlock the all-new Infernal Naval Commander set upgrade bonus gear starting Friday, September 7th at 6 PM EST! Buy any AC or membership package worth $10 USD or more to unlock the Infernal Naval Commander set. Get the bonus Infernal Pirate Captain armor and accessories with the 12,000 AC or 12 month membership packs!

12000 AC or 12 month membership packages: ALL the Infernal Gear

Get more gear and save more of your real-world gold with our largest upgrade packages! Unlock the Infernal Naval Commander armor set and the exclusive Pirate Captain variant with our 12000 AdventureCoin or 12 month membership packages:

  • Infernal Naval Commander + Infernal Pirate Captain armors
  • 4 helms, 2 capes, 5 weapons
  • 1 pet
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

2000 and 5000 AC or 3 and 6 month membership package: Infernal Naval Commander

  • Infernal Naval Commander armor
  • 2 helms
  • 2 capes
  • 1 weapon
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts added straight to your inventory

All packages will also come with the Infernal Naval Commander character page badge, so you can show all your friends who REALLY rules the Undead Seas! 

AC Bonus Extended Until September 10th

If you're excited about our upcoming Talk Like a Pirate Day and 10th anniversary events - or the rare gear they'll bring - this is the best time to stock up! If you top up your account with any of the AC packs below before September 10th, you'll unlock the bonus ACs and the new upgrade bonus gear.

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