Infernal Slayer 2 and Mega Rewards

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Infernal Slayer 2 and Mega Rewards

Nightwraith | Friday, June 26, 2020

Featuring new, powerful weapons, styles, balance tweaks, and boosted PvP rewards, EpicDuel's latest release is now live!


Infernal Slayer 2.0

Many years ago we introduced an amazing, rare item to precede the Infernal War. This weapon, the Infernal Slayer, was a limited rare that was never offered again. There are only 630 in circulation out of the players in EpicDuel's history. Keep in mind, this was sold during EpicDuel's peak population  so its stock ran out in a matter of days. A new, updated Infernal Slayer 2 is now available at  Kraggor in the Mines. This sword comes in Physical and Energy variants, is a limited item, and comes with an Achievement for purchasing either.

  • Infernal Slayer 2 P
  • Infernal Slayer 2 E

The weapon is equipped with 2 unlocked core slots with Massive Strike and Infernal Fury. Much like the original Infernal Slayer released all those years ago, after the quantity is depleted, it will never be restocked again.


PvP Reward Boost

To incentivize PvP battles, we've boosted credit and XP rewards for 1v1 and 2v2 automatch battles. All PvP battles have multipliers that govern reward amounts, and the new multipliers are:

  • 1v1 = 2
  • 2v2 = 3
  • Juggernaut = 1

NPC battles should be unaffected. Juggernaut rewards were reduced due to the speed of most Juggernaut battles. 2v2 received the largest boost to compensate for the increased time involved in completing 2v2 battles.



This week we're introducing several new major balance changes to Mages and Mercenaries. Also, some changes were made to the battle formulas to mitigate block and deflect, reducing the role of chance in the outcome of battle.

  • Tech Mage and Blood Mage
    • Deadly Aim: New % increase goes from 10% to 25%
  • Blood Mage
    • Fireball: Removed passive defense reduction since this was added to compensate for the removal of Deadly Aim. Since Deadly Aim returned, this passive effect is not longer needed
  • Tactical Mercenary and Mercenary
    • Double Strike : Weapon requirement removed
  • Cores:
    • Lifeline and Critical Heal are no longer limited by season. Should be available to buy permanently
    • Assault Thorns/Jack-O-Fire : 120% instead of 115%.
  • Bots:
    • Pirate Bot P and E: Reduced stun and crit % to 20 from 25
  • Battle Formulas:
    • Block Max reduced to 35% from 40%
    • Block Dex Rate increased to 5 from 4 (takes more Dex to increase block rate advantage)
    • Defection Chance Max reduced to 25% from 35%



Using Pyro Fly's Infernal Swarm no longer breaks  Legendary and regular Dragonoid Brain


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