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New Treasure Chest Gear

Alina | Saturday, July 21, 2018

Now Available in Twilly's Treasure Chest!

Twilly's got treasure for you: the all-new Infernal Flame Guardian! Farm for Treasure Chests as you fight through the game, then open them with his Treasure Chest Keys for a chance to get the gear inside. 

Treasure Chests?

If you have found a Treasure Chest on a monster, you will need a Magic Treasure Chest Key to open it! If you need a key, Twilly is selling some for 200 ACs. If you have everything you need, just click Open My Chest, complete the quest and see what you got!

Member Perk: Upgrade your account with any membership to get 2 free Treasure Chest Keys a month! Complete Twiilly's quest on or after the 1st of every month to get your free keys, but don't forget to come back or you'll miss out!

Open a Treasure Chest for a chance to get 1 of...

  • 43 armors
  • 48 weapons
  • 60 helms
  • 8 capes
  • or 3 house items (including the Altar of Caladbolg)

More Gear + Updates Coming Soon

Later on this Summer, we'll be more new armor sets, so keep those chests and keys handy! We'll also be redistributing the Treasure Chest gear by season to give you a better chance to get the items you're after.

Important notes and the upcoming change:

  • None of the currently-available Treasure Chest gear will go rare 
  • Some items will always be available when you open Twilly's Treasure Chest
  • A preview shop will be added so you can see what is available

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