Infinity Titan Gear

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Infinity Titan Gear

Nightwraith | Saturday, June 1, 2019

The MCU isn't the only place you can find a Mad Titan! Visit Titan's Peak to discover new cosmic cores, weapons, and a starship-load of home items fit for a galactic supervillain!


New Weapons

Wield the power of a Mad Titan with new Infinity Titan weapons created by Yo_Lae! These cosmic weapons come pre-loaded with the new Infinity Power Strike core! These are limited rares so you'd better hurry, or they'll be gone in a SNAP!

  • Infinity Titan Sword P
  • Infinity Titan Sword E
  • Infinity Titan Axe P
  • Infinity Titan Axe E
  • Infinity Titan Daggers P
  • Infinity Titan Daggers E
  • Infinity Titan Maul P
  • Infinity Titan Maul E
  • Infinity Titan Staff P
  • Infinity Titan Staff E



Visit Titan in Titan's Peak to try a new selection of powerful Infinity Titan cores!

  • Infinity Power Strike (bound to weapon, not for sale) --  Spend 95 HP for 130% strike damage. Blockable.
  • Infinity Power Strike x25 --  Spend 95 HP for 130% strike damage. Blockable.
  • Infinity Mind Spears -- -- Summon a piercing barrage, ignoring 25% of a target's Defense.
  • Infinity Mind Spears x25 -- Summon a piercing barrage, ignoring 25% of a target's Defense.



To make navigation a bit easier, the Afterlife region and the NPCs contained therein are now accessible from the main map interface to the southeast of Frysteland. 



After the last update, we may have overcorrected the stat boosts from the passive cores. In this update, they've been set to provide +4 stat boost to find a sweet spot where they're useful, but not overpowered.

  • Strength Boost: Increased to +4 stat boost
  • Dexterity Boost: Increased to +4 stat boost
  • Technology Boost: Increased to +4 stat boost
  • Support Boost: Increased to +4 stat boost


New Home Items

Check out brand new Infinity Titan home items created by Yo_Lae! Collect all the gems for display and gaze upon your collection from your new hover-throne!

  • Floating Throne Right
  • Floating Throne Left
  • Floating "Throne" Right
  • Floating "Throne" Left
  • Red Gem Display
  • Yellow Gem Display
  • Green Gem Display
  • Blue Gem Display
  • Orange Gem Display
  • Purple Gem Display
  • Crossed Infinity Spears
  • Crossed Mind Spears
  • Infinity Titan Sword
  •  Green Portal Right
  • Green Portal Left
  • Purple Portal Right
  • Purple Portal Left
  • Yellow Portal Right
  • Yellow Portal Left
  • Red Portal Right
  • Red Portal Left
  • Infinity Titan Guantlet
  • Infinity Titan Helm
  • Infinity Titan Axe Right
  • Infinity Titan Axe Left

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