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Inquisitor's Collection

Nightwraith | Thursday, December 23, 2021

Inquisitor's Collection

This week we're buffing the Gifting drop pool with new weapons direct from the collection of Baelius' most elite, but mysterious, soldiers: The Inquisitors!

  • Inquisitor's Executioner P
  • Inquisitor's Executioner E
  • Inquisitor's Enforcer P
  • Inquisitor's Enforcer E
  • Inquisitor's Punisher P
  • Inquisitor's Punisher E
  • Inquisitor's Claws P
  • Inquisitor's Claws E
  • Inquisitor's Might P
  • Inquisitor's Might E
  • Inquisitor's Awe P
  • Inquisitor's Awe E


Quality of Life

One of the most frequently requested features is now available in-game courtesy of the efforts of Spider! Finally, you can remove an unlimited charge core without destroying it! After replacing a core it will be moved back into your inventory until you need to equip it again.

This feature does not currently apply to limited-charge cores (i.e. x10, x25, x30, etc...), which will still be destroyed when replaced.

A more minor change is that Nightmare Challenges now have their own button on NPCs that offer the option. This is especially valuable for NPCs will normal, Legendary, and Nightmare modes.


New Omega Void Trial Missions

Check out 2 new Daily Missions available at Alydriah to claim the incredible Martyr swords!

  • Inquisitor's Blazing Martyr
  • Inquisitor's Plasmic Martyr


New Styles

Complement your new Infernal Samurai or Inquisitor gear with 12 new styles!


New Achievement Tier

These new styles will get you just a little bit closer to the earning the Epic Stylist VII achievement, which unlocks once at least 400 styles are owned.


Arcade Change

A small change to the costs of Arcade Tokens has been applied. Although most Gifting participants are probably already drowning in Arcade Tokens, this change should help make Arcades more affordable in the post-Gifting EpicDuel.

  • Cost for Arcade Token changed to 15 Varium.
  • Cost for 10 Arcade Tokens changed to 100 Varium.


Bug Fix

You should now be able to shop from a merchant that requires a special item, even if the item is banked.

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