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Interface Updates & More!

Dove | Friday, May 24, 2024

Hey there, heroes!

This week, DragonFable's user interface has received a massive update from Dracelix! There have also been a lot of other bug fixes and adjustments!

First up, the Character Info Boxes at the bottom of the screen have been changed!

The HP and MP bars have been made bigger for clearer information, and the player and monster Boxes have been standardized. Adding guests will add tabs to the left of the player Info Box that you can click to change which character's info you're viewing. Player names will no longer need to be squished if they're very long!

You can also hover your mouse over the HP and MP bars to view their percent values, rounded to the nearest hundredths!

You'll also notice a new button with "..." on it! If you move your mouse over it, you'll see a new info sheet pop up!

The Quick Info Sheets are a new interface that lets you quickly view an abridged amount of character and monster information!

You can pull these up by hovering over the "..." button with your mouse cursor, or by pressing Shift to open the player Quick Info Sheet, or Ctrl for the target's Quick Info Sheet! If you use Shift and Ctrl, you can open both sheets at once!

While the Quick Info Sheet is open, you can use your mouse wheel to scroll through the Effects, should there be too many to fit in the Effects box, however, you will need to open the Character Info Page to view all of the resists.

When both Quick Info Sheets are open using hotkeys, you'll need to move your mouse over the Effects box that you want to scroll through.

The Quick Info Sheet should make it much more fluid to Quickly check stats and effects in battle!

Clicking on the "..." button will pull up the Character Info Sheet!

The Character Info Page has been updated!

It now provides stats for damage multipliers and damage reduction! There is also more room for Effects to be listed.

Resistances will now go into two columns, and if both columns are filled, you can either use the arrow buttons or mouse scrollwheel when hovered over the resistances to see more.

Effects can also be scrolled using the arrow buttons or mouse scrollwheel!

Enemies will now show how much Gold and Exp they will potentially drop! Keep in mind that if the quest's Experience or Gold caps have been reached, you may not recieve the full amount.

As a reminder, you can still use F1, F2, F3 hotkeys to open your Character Info Page, and those of any Guests, and F4 opens your target's Character Info Page!

We hope you enjoy the new designs and features! As always, we're open to feedback, so play around with the new interfaces, and please let us know what you think!

Also this week, a new pair of cosmetic wings has arrived!

The mighty Circada Wings are now available for 350 Dragon Coins from the DC Cosmetics Shop! They'll automatically flare open when you walk, or you can click on them to have them always open!

We also have a ton of updates, bug fixes and adjustments this week! Don't forget to clear your cache!

  • Tooltips have been updated for DragonWarrior, DragonRogue, and DragonMage.
  • DragonWarrior's Onslaught duration increased to 8 turns, up from 5.
  • DragonWarrior's Frenzy duration increased to 6 turns, up from 5.
  • DragonRogue's Daze DoT effect has been renamed to Dragon's Focus Toxin, and now acts as a Dragon Toxin.
  • DragonMage's Dragon Tempest passive now says it increases base damage, instead of Boost (No mechanical change).
  • Fixed an issue with Rogue/DragonRogue's Smoke animation.
  • Base classes (Warrior/Rogue/Mage) now unlock one new skill every level, rather than being spaced out or grouped until level 18 (Apologies if you had some skills re-locked!).
  • The position of Mage's Mana Blackout and Fury skills have been swapped to better reflect their unlock order.
  • To better streamline the new player experience, Sir Ano and Sir Baumbard no longer appear in Book 1 Oaklore until certain story requirements have been fulfilled.
  • Fixed a mispelling of Sepulchure's name in "Note from Sepulchure" and the Haunted House quest.
  • Fixed some typos with Dragon and Pyromancer's tooltips.
  • DragonLord and DragonRider skill training is now restricted if you do not yet meet the level requirement to unlock the next skill.
  • Added Heal buttons to Elysia/Celestia in Sunbreeze Grove.
  • Added Heal buttons to Rolith/Maya in Oaklore Keep.
  • Added a Heal button to Aquella in Bk1 The Locker.
  • Aquella's quests in The Locker now use locking buttons instead of always unlocked buttons, and will also now put you back at Aquella rather than the entrance to The Locker.
  • Forgotten Spear and Long-Forgotten Spear now have text in their descriptions to explain that Scythe-type weapons can be used by all main stat types.
  • Adjusted some enemy pads in Stocking the Shelves to reduce the likelihood of weird glitches.
  • Book 1 Timeline tracker now only progresses after completing "Summoning Help" and not "Breakfast with Warlic".
  • Book 1 Timeline tracker now only progresses after completing "At the Gate" and not "Dusk Alley".
  • Book 1 Timeline tracker no longer skips the Bk1 finale Havoc quests.
  • Fixed an issue where being defeated in the quest "One Pala-day At a Time" would not properly reset your character name.
  • Fixed issue in Book 3 Falconreach where some buttons/text would incorrectly persist when navigating Twilly's dialogue.
  • Made a small revision to Thursday in Bk1 Amityvale, adding The Vampire Tower to her "More Quests" option (Replaces The path? option), as well as a Back button from her Quests dialogue.
  • Bk1 Warlic's buttons have been re-arranged to better prioritize the Dragon Egg saga.
  • Adjusted the position of Warlic's dialogue so Dragon Egg saga graphics are no longer cut off (HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN LIKE THIS?!).
  • Fixed an issue where playing Nythera's quest "The Storm" would result in a blackscreen upon leaving/completing.
  • Critical Damage stat modifiers have been adjusted for Ranger, Cryptic, Chaosweaver, and SWoT. They are now proper in-battle effects!
  • Fixed the placement of the Heart icon in Battleon Burns, as well as fixed some typos.
  • Removed the empty Travel Gryphon shop from the House Orb interface (Travel Gryphon can still be purchased from the DC Shrubs shop).
  • Serenity and Gaelan's options to reset base class will no longer disconnect you if you don't have a Dragon Amulet, also added a confirmation box pop up.
  • Gaelan dialog adjusted slightly to remove references to incorrect lore.
  • A certain spoiler in the Bk1 Guardian Tower will no longer appear until requirements are met.
  • The Zhoom guest's race is now "Sand Elf".
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!

As you can tell, we did a quick pass over some of Book 1 this week! We still have a lot of notes and things to adjust and fix (not to mention issue within quests themselves, as well as some things already lined up for Book 3 adjustments!), but this should be a good step toward making the game a bit easier for new players to enter! There's still a looooong way to go!

A huge thanks to our testers for helping out with this obviously very busy week!

And that's all for this week! Dove has been hard at work on the next Book 3 main story quest, and if everything goes well, it'll arrive with next week's release!

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