Into the Light

Alina | Sunday, November 4, 2018

Love. Loss. And a Darkness that will change the fate of the world… This is Sepulchure the DoomKnight’s story. 

This weekend, log in and battle as Lynaria, Queen of Swordhaven. Your mission: to save your best friend from the DOOM that consumes him. Journey through the Plane of Light to gather magical reagents, grow stronger than you've ever been, and cast the spell that could save your friend from eternal Darkness.

Queen Lynaria has vowed to save Sepulchure -- the man who was once Swordhaven's most loyal knight -- but neither situations, stories, or people are simply black and white. This weekend, events transpire that will change both their lives forever... for Good AND Evil.

Rewards of Doom and Light

Battle through this weekend's release to unlock pieces of the Worshipper of Doom armor set. These weapons, once handcrafted with care, have been corrupted by the darkness that surrounds the Blade of Doom. The pieces of this set were crafted by AQW Community Artist, Reki Roland (also one of Lore's largest ShadowScythe devotees). 

Complete this weekend's release to find Amie the Celestial StarMage in the Plane of Light. She's traveled from the Celestial Realm to gather starlight and, along the way, decided to spend time studying the nature of light itself. Find to earn the pieces of her bright armor set, crafted by AQW Community Artist, Ferozakh.

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