Inventory Upgrade

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Inventory Upgrade!

Nightwraith | Friday, June 18, 2021

Inventory Upgrade

Earlier this week we made many limited quantity items sellable to lighten the burden on players with sparse inventory space. Now, we're giving all players a complementary inventory buff with 20 additional slots and raising the inventory cap to 720!

  • Inventory Achievements adjusted +20
    • Epic Hoarder: 120
    • Extreme Hoarder: 220
    • Legendary Hoarder: 320
    • Grand Legendary Hoarder: 420
    • Ultra Legendary Hoarder: 520
    • Epic Legendary Hoarder: 620
    • Ultimate Legendary Hoarder (NEW): 720 slots
  • All players awarded +20 free inventory slots
  • Inventory cap raised to 720
  • New players begin with 50 inventory slots


Buddy Slot Upgrade

Need more room for friends but don't have the budget? We have you covered! Expand your social circle with 20 additional free buddy slots!

  • Buddy Achievements adjusted +20
    • Epic Buddy: 120
    • Extreme Buddy: 170
    • Legendary Buddy: 220
  • All players awarded +20 free buddy slots
  • Buddy slot cap raised to 220
  • New players begin with 30 buddy slots


New Gifting Prizes Added:

At long last two additional unique gifting rewards have made their way onto Delta V! Thank you again for your patience during this process, and it was a pleasure realizing your EpicDuel visions.

  • Lore Master's Alpha Demiurge - an angelic armor forged from a realm beyond time and space
  • runeknight's Gamma Bot - a gilded Gamma Bot with weapons fit to battle a kaiju

Bug Fix:

Revitalization (Credit only): armor Defense and Resistance now being removed correctly


Last Infernal Call:

Next week the Infernal Slayer 3 missions will leave and become permanently rare (for real)! You have one week to complete the challenge and obtain these unique weapons!


Player Appreciation Varium:

With next week's update we will be giving all players who have logged in since January 1, 2020 a bonus 750 Varium to spend as they chose. This should be especially exciting for those who have never been able to afford any Varium and want to see what all the hype is about! You can even take a bite and see what it tastes like! I wouldn't recommend this, however, as Fortune City dental care can be lethal!

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