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Dove | Friday, October 26, 2018

Hello there, heroes!

This week, we have for you some new content, some old content revisited, and some bug fixes.

Improvements and new content:

  • Mogloween 2018 Finale Free the "Candy"! quest is available from the Mogloween Book! Go and free the unfortunate people who stumbled upon Apsaydaaun and were captured to be sold as candy! Earn Defender Medals and, if you're lucky, masks of the Baleful Brothers!
  • 3 new upgrades to Defenders Belts, Necklaces, and Rings have been added to the Defender Shop in South Falconreach (Books 1 & 2). Level 80 upgrades cost 200 Defender Medals, level 85 upgrades cost 225 Defender Medals, and level 90 upgrades cost 250 Defender Medals.
  • We have added Uaanta and Aegis to the Book of Lore guests list.
  • We have revisited the Book 3 map of Lore and added a bunch of stuff, the island of Maar and the Shapeless Empire being some of them. The map also has new, unique, music to put you in the mood while you are picking a place to travel to!
  • We have added cutscene skips to the Mogloween 2018 quests.
  • Lanrete's Soulsmithing interface no longer has the looping weapon parts selection, so it should be easier to browse.
  • Various behind the scenes things have been added for the preparation of the Hard Mode revamp.

Bug fixes:

  • The Navigator's Hat hair should be Color Custom now!
  • Epoch's skill "Pierce" should have reduced lag.
  • Other various issues with Epoch (specifically Hex functionality with double turns and other minor issues) have been fixed.
  • Valtrith in the quest "Storming the Castle" doing 0 damage has been fixed.
  • Removed "Load Base Class" buttons from Dragonsgrasp.
  • Paladin's cape has been adjusted in size and position.
  • An issue causing the 2017 Mask unlock screen to sometimes show an incorrect candy bonus % has been fixed.
  • Both Ascendant and CC Ascendant's Thorny Shield skill now gives Block/Parry/Dodge defense instead of Melee/Pierce/Magic avoidance.


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