Legion Draconic Arsenal

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Legion Draconic Arsenal

Nightwraith | Friday, March 25, 2022

Boosted Rewards

For the last several months, Power Hour has been more like a Power...Forever. This artificially inflated Credit rewards, which is great if you need Credits, but make the Power Hour system a bit redundant. As an adjustment, we will be increasing the baseline of rewards while returning Power Hour to what it once was. This should incentivize people to play during Power Hour and make the distinction meaningful again.


New PVP Drops

We've activated a new batch of PvP rewards to replace the Heartbreaker / Azrael themed weapons and items from prior months.

  • Mission Items
    • Dage Soul Shard
    • Flawed Soul Gem
    • Soul Gem
    • Perfect Soul Gem
  • Weapons
    • Shrouded Hyperion P
    • Shrouded Hyperion E
    • Hyperion Greatsword P
    • Hyperion Greatsword E
    • Spear of Hyperion P
    • Spear of Hyperion E
    • Legion Draconic Bane P
    • Legion Draconic Bane E
    • Legion Draconic Sword P
    • Legion Draconic Sword E
    • Legion Draconic Shadowblade P
    • Legion Draconic Shadowblade E
    • Legion Draconic Claws P
    • Legion Draconic Claws E
    • Legion Draconic Hammer P
    • Legion Draconic Hammer E
    • Legion Draconic Staff P
    • Legion Draconic Staff E
    • Legion Draconic Blaster P
    • Legion Draconic Blaster E
    • Legion Draconic Sniper P
    • Legion Draconic Sniper E
  • Home Items (PvP drops)
    • Throne of Hyperion
    • Seat of Hyperion
    • Dage Collector Crest
    • Shrouded Hyperion
    • Hyperion Greatsword


Visit Dage the Evil for a series of new challenges tied to PvP rewards! Can you complete the collection and impress the notorious undead lord?

  • Dage's Duds
    • Legion Draconic Emperor
    • Legion Draconic Emperor CC

New Legion-themed armors are available as mission rewards:

  • Legion Draconic Emperor
  • Legion Draconic Emperor CC
  • Dage's Arsenal
    • Dage's Arsenal 1
    • Dage's Arsenal 2
    • Dage's Arsenal 3
    • Dage's Arsenal 4
    • Dage's Arsenal 5
    • Dage's Arsenal 6
    • Dage's Arsenal 7
    • Dage's Arsenal 8



  • Celtic Rune Achievements (upgradeable)
  • Dage Collector 2022 (Mission Achievement)



New hairstyles 423-426 have been added to go along with the Legion Draconic weapons as "Legion Cultist" styles.


Sea King Cores

Previously released promotional cores are now available at Thalyssa in the West Naval Yard. 

  • Sea King's Spirit
  • Sea King's Curse
  • Sea King's Venom
  • Sea King's Corruption



  • Azrael's Eye and Adjudicator's Eye: upgraded to 3000 from 1500
  • Titan's Shroud: cooldown lowered to 5
  • Infernal Surge / Draconic Frost King's Will: Can be diminished by skills such as Azrael's Torment

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