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Level Cap Increase + XP Boost

Alina | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

For all you heroes asking us when the level cap will increase... today is the day! It's only been about 1.5 years since the last multi-level cap raise, so it we're adding 5 more levels, taking the cap from level 85 to 90! (Current plans for a level cap increase schedule: 95 in 2019 and 100 in 2020.)

To celebrate, we've added a DOUBLE XP server boost. Next week, we'll add Double Gold, Rep, and Class points as we releaes the Frostval Barbarian Class. 

  • Level 85 - 90 Enhancements: level 50+ enhancement shops in your game menu
  • Awe Enhancements: in the Awe Enhancements shops in /museum

Also, this week: we've added in functionality from the PTR servers so that as long as you fight monsters that have more than 1 HP, you'll always get at least the minimum level of class points, no matter what level the monster is. (Before, if you fought monsters that were too low a level, you would not get any CP.)

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