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New Celestial Realm Items

Alina | Friday, September 14, 2018

Find Aranx’s Celestial Birthday gear in the Featured Gear shop in your game menu! These are some of the best Good and Evil-themed items we’ll release this year, but they won't be available for long.

Limited Time Rare gear in this week's Featured Shop:

  • The First Fallen armor 
  • The First Fallen helms, wings, and weapons
  • The First Risen armor
  • The First Risen helms, wings, and weapons


Returning gear in this week's Featured Shop:

  • Evolved LightCaster
  • Silken Hood of Light
  • Glowing Halo and Locks of Light
  • Glowing Halo of Light
  • Shining Blade of Glory
  • Shining Blade of Glory (member gold version)

Updates to LightCaster Class + LightMage Class

The Good news: the LightCaster Class is CRAZY strong and REALLY easy to get.
The Not-So-Good news: the LightCaster Class is CRAZY strong and REALLY easy to get.

If you do not have the LightCaster Class yet, starting this Friday, you'll need to obtain LightMage Class. LightMage is LightCaster’s younger sibling. It’s a less powerful but balanced version you'll unlock if you own the Evolved LightCaster or Enchanted LightCaster armors. 

In the name of improving class diversity and healthier game balance moving forward, we're making some changes to the LightCaster Class requirements.

The Better news: If you already have the LightCaster Class, NOTHING changes for you. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Go on blasting bad guys like you always have.

The Best news: LightCaster Class is NOT CHANGING or being nerfed. (BUT Heroes who do not already have the class will need to hit level 80 before they can start to unlock it.)

 If you don't have LightCaster Class yet, head to this Design Notes post to read more. You've unlocked a new quest!


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