Mahou the Spirit Mage

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Mahou the Spirit Mage

Alina | Friday, June 26, 2020

Quest to guard Yokai's Ley Line Nexus

After the ShadowLord Malgor’s defeat in Arcangrove, he is eager to find a new connection to the ley lines of Lore - and it looks like he’s set his sights on the nexus in Yokai. The nexus is guarded by ancestral spirits, and if you're going to communicate with them to help defend the ley lines, you'll need the help someone who knows how to get their attention. 

This weekend:

  • /join aozorahills
  • Quest to gain Mahou's aid and prove your strength
  • Gather offerings
  • Re-light the Spirit Lantern
  • and more

Spirit Mage Rewards

Complete this weekend's update in /aozorahills to unlock the Spirit Mage or (member-only) Ghostly Spirit Mage armor sets!

Malgor's Objective: Secure the Ley Lines

And why would Malgor want those? Because Lore's ley lines are like arteries of mana... and if they are corrupted with Shadow, Malgor will have made major progress towards controlling our world. Obviously, we can’t let that happen!

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