March 2020 Event Calendar

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March 2020 Event Calendar

Alina | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Get your gear on! Log in all month long for Evil gear, great rewards, and a double holiday event; we're celebrating Dage the Evil's birthday, Friday the 13th, plus the return of the UNLucky Day Fair!

March 1: March seasonal set returns: Legion Warseeker

March 2:  Dage's Dark Birthday: seasonal maps, monsters, and gear return

March 5: Pancake Day returns

March 6: Dage's Dark Birthday 2020!
New challenge boss
Birthday Gear and Collection Chest
New Undead Legion farming gear
New upgrade bonus set

March 13: Friday the 13th: Dage's Undead Legion vs Shrade's Horror Horde

March 22: The Unlucky Dark Carnival returns!

March 29: Shadow War: Malgor's Descent into the Underworld

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