May 2021 Twisted Golden Giftboxes

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May 2021 Twisted Golden Giftboxes

Hollow | Friday, May 14, 2021

May Twisted Golden Giftboxes:

Due to popular demand, we have released 15 Golden Giftbox prizes in color twisted variants! The Twisted variants have the same stats as the original prizes, but with altered coloring. Here is a complete list of new prizes:

  • Slayer's Lyfang/Hunter's Darklaw
  • Frozen Dragonslayer Armor
  • Star Saber of Balance, Justice, and Wisdom
  • Pig Drake Pet
  • Siphon Spell
  • Vibrant Living Armor
  • Infernal Djinn Pet
  • Atrea Dream Rod and Dagger
  • Ultra Krieger Blade
  • Tempest Scimitar
  • Squidge Pet and Guest
  • Mage Soul

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