May Madness Update

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May Madness Update

Nightwraith | Wednesday, May 18, 2022

In anticipation of the upcoming Tournament, we're pleased to release a bounty of new features and improvements to EpicDuel! 

New Features

  • New Battle option "Brace" to skip a turn for a small buff to block, deflection, and damage reduction. Currently set to 15%.
  • Save username and password on login.
  • Daily login reward.
    • Receive a gift in your mail each day you login.
    • Gift is selected randomly among Arcade Tokens, home items, and various Credit amounts.
  • Track influence from battle during war cooldown with new achievement.
  • Track daily missions completed with new achievement.
  • View NPC stats in battle.
    • Since NPC's don't abide by normal class skill trees, the configuration on their skills page might be odd.
  • Pause NPC battles.
    • This is not currently enabled in 2v1 bosses, but functionality is in progress for a future update.
  • Increased level gap in Simulation mode to ease difficulty for struggling players.
  • Missions can reward XP.
  • Missions can support multiple reward types for the same mission.
  • Bank view shows an item's equipped cores.
  • Shop search can search a weapon's equipped core names.
  • Stacking cores.
    • Cores that are replaced will have resale value set to 0.
    • Duplicate cores purchased with Varium or Credits will form different stacks based on currency used to purchase.
    • To implement this change, currently held cores will have their resale values set to 0. 
  • New and improved animations.


New Achievements

  • Daily Mission Achiever Tier 1 - 11: Awarded for completing individual daily missions. Not dependent on completing whole mission chains.
  • Grunt - Eternal Legend: Earn influence from battles during war cooldown. Amount is slightly randomized and adjusted based on battle type.
  • Friday The 13th 2022: Purchase from the Seasonal achievement shop.


Balance Changes

  • Cyber Hunter
    • Adaptive Armor replaced with Nanotech Shield (passive)
  • Cores
    • Frost Shards: 120 Energy
    • Infernal Fortitude (Primary): 100 Energy
    • Infernal Surge: +35% support instead of 35 points.
    • Draconic Frost King's Will: +40% support instead of 40 points


Mission Changes

  • Bouncer for Hire - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Bloodbath - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Fishy Tactics - Reward 2000 Credits
  • Pirate Problems - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Bad Dreams - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Drone Touch-up - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP
  • Combat Practice - Arcade Token swapped for 150 XP


Bug Fixes

  • Mission completion bug for missions requiring more than 1 item
  • Fixed ping showing double than the intended MS value
  • Fixed finder module sorting


Hunters' Festival Reminder

In a few days the new Hunters' Festival Tournament will begin! If you haven't already, stop by Slayer to grab a ticket and prepare for battle!

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