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May the Fourth & Revenge of the Fifth

Clarion | Thursday, May 2, 2024

The Fourth Unleashed

To celebrate May the Fourth we will be introducing a whole galaxy far far away’s worth of items to Adventure Quest 3D. From Star Sabers to Armor sets to Housing items, we’ve got a whole lot of sci-fi goodness waiting for you in this week’s release.

Out of this World Armors

From the far corners of the galaxy come three new armor sets: the adventurous Galactic Outrider, the mysterious Xith, and the black and red-clad Dark Xith. Forge your destiny among the stars as you become a legend of Lore… or a harbinger of dark-side destruction!   

New Star Sabers

Four new Star Sabers are now available! Your non-copyright-infringing Star Sabers come in three flavors: Electric Yellow, Red, and Blue. As an added insanity bonus, someone thought it was a good idea to make triple Spinning Sabers, so that a whirlwind of chaos accompanies you to every adventure far far away…    

To the Captain’s Quarters

Live amongst the stars with the new House that is heavily inspired by Mech Quest the Captain’s Quarters House and accompanying house items is all you’ll need to create the starship house of your wildest dreams.

Face Commander Mogrevious

Commander Mogrevious has arrived in Battleon’s Social District! Group up with fellow champions of Lore and do battle with this mechanical menace to earn awesome loot.

Gold Star Sword + Doom Star Katana

Don't forget to check out the Daily Treasure Chests. The Gold Star Sword and Doom Star Katana have returned to the Daily Treasure Chests – but they’ll only be available until June 5th! 

New Art at Burger Hero

If you’re craving an amazing burger AND amazing art, look no further than Burger Hero! We have on display the winning Burger Hero posters, created by our fellow players Clockwerk, Horoboros, Reflet, Reinari, Revindel, and Sato Riku. If you see these artists in game, be sure to ask for an autograph – signed in ketchup, of course :3

New Promo Items: The Songs of Pastels

Starting this week the Song of Pastels aura will be available! To get this ethereal aura, just purchase any package in the upgrade shop, now with 50% extra Dragon Crystals on select packages. For those that get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the Fluttering Song of Pastels, a butterfly themed variant at no extra cost.

Coming Soon: Screenshot Saturday

Saturday is officially May the Fourth – so we are celebrating with a Screenshot Saturday contest, intergalactic style! Stay tuned to the Design Notes and Twitter for the contest rules.

Also! Don’t forget about our Screengrab Saturday contest going on right now. Enter short video clips for a chance to be featured on the new AQ3D website! Full contest rules here. Best of luck, everyone! 

Battle on,
Clarion, Yergen, Oishii, Blaze, Broomtool, Beleen, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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