May the Fourth Contest Winners Announced

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May the Fourth Contest Winners Announced

Beleen | Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Force was strong with this contest! 

Our AQ3D community never ceases to amaze us! Your creativity and passion for perfectly-timed screenshots are legit Jedi Master level. This year's May the Fourth contest brought together fans of both AdventureQuest and Star Wars, resulting in epic and imaginative screenies that were truly out of this world. From iconic recreations of beloved Star Wars scenes to original mashups that captured the spirit of both universes, the entries we saw were nothing short of spectacular.

But that's no surprise, given that the Artix community is equally extraordinary!

Suffice to say, the judges had an interstellar time judging all the submissions. If you’ve been playing AQ3D for a while now, then you know our Screenshot contests typically award one 1st place winner and a bunch of runner-ups… but since these Star Wars screenies blew our minds like Alderaan, we had to award TWO top winners for their all-star submissions!

🏆 Grand Prize Winner: Emon-


Holy ships! Emon- created an absolutely insane Space Bar Hangar on the Red Dragon Server with all kinds of Star Wars spaceships like an X-Wing and U-Wing, plus a blown-out airlock that’ll probably slurp unsuspecting victims into the vastness of space. (Good thing there’s a Forcefield there to prevent that from happening, huh? Emon- thought of everything!) 

Emon- is the master of the Force when it comes to spaceship building and sandbox housing. For going above and beyond, we are awarding Emon- with 1,000 Dragon Crystals AND an Emperor’s Chest! His creations transcended the stars and surpassed the reaches of the galaxy—and ntm this contest. Congratulations Emon-, and we cannot wait to see what you build next! 

🥇 First Place Winner: PKnight


Our first place prize goes to PKnight! Their entry captivated us with stunning detail, creative composition, and the perfect blend of AQ3D and Star Wars elements. That Darth Maul battle scene is 💯🔥 – but we would be remiss not to showcase PKnight’s other screenies, too! For mastering the Screenshot Force, PKnight will receive 1,000 Dragon Crystals! Amazing work!

🥈 Second Place Winners

touch me and its over

Guardian ArtYuni



Coming in close second are touch me and its overGuardian ArtYuniiNorBert, and MapCurse! Their stellar submissions stood out for their artistic flair and imaginative portrayal of Star Wars in the world of Lore. Our second place winners will each receive an Emperor’s Chest and intergalactic bragging rights, obviously. Fantastic job well done, everyone! 

🥉 Third Place Winners





Hikari Hoshi

Our third place winners are Save, Ziocad, Almayudha, and Hikari Hoshi. Each screenshot impressed the judges with their cosmic creativity and extragalactic execution. These entries beautifully combined elements from both AQ and SW universes in a unique way. Our third place winners win a Warlord’s Chest! Woohoo!


✨ Runner-Ups

No surprise here: we received so many outstanding entries that deserve recognition. Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest and shared their amazing screenshots with us. Your creativity and passion make the AQ3D community truly special! Each runner-up will receive a Soldier’s Chest, and ofc we look forward to seeing all of you participate in future contests.







Darth Xon

Bucket Knightt





🫡 Until our next galactic adventure 

Congratulations again to all our winners and runner ups, and a big thank you to everyone who entered this screenshot contest. Your enthusiasm and creativity legitimately brought May the Fourth to life in Lore. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we are extremely grateful to have you by our side. Stay tuned for more exciting contests, and may the Force be with you always!

Battle on,
Beleen, the judges, and the AQ3D team

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