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Wyvern Mount Set

Alina | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Unlock All 12 items in the New Collection

When you journey to the City of Dreams this weekend, you'll have the opportunity to join the MindBreaker Guards. If you like charging into battle astride a ferocious mount while slinging mindbullets at your enemies, check out the MindBreaker WyvernRider gear. Unlock all 12 items for 4,000 ACs (5,500 ACs worth of gear) when you purchase the MindBreaker Wyvern Collection Pet or buy individual pieces of the set. Find them all when you talk to Gevan in/somnia.

Purchase the MindBreaker Wyvern pet to unlock:

  • MindBreaker WyvernRider armor
  • MindBreaker Aviator + Exalted Aviator armors
  • 4 helms: Mask, Visor, Winged Hair, Winged Locks
  • MindBreaker Wings
  • 3 weapons: Pike, Glaive, and Angelic Sword

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive pet, all of the gear contained inside the MindBreaker WyvernRider collection will also be available to buy individually in Gevan's MindBreaker shop in /somnia.

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