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Miko's Quest

Alina | Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Thousands fell during the War of Shadows... including Princess Miko's father, Emperor Daisho. This weekend, the Shogun of Shadows storyline continues in Yokai Isle. Now, Miko needs your help to protect her home. Battle alongside her as she hunts for the Shinrin Do, an enchanted item that will help her become the Battle Priestess and ruler she was always meant to be.

  • Battle through Shinrin Grove
  • Quest for the Shinrin Do, an enchanted cuirass belonging to a mighty battle priestess
  • Help the Kame of Greenshell Village
  • Take down angry spirits, Kame-eating merdraconians, and more

Battle this weekend's boss for a chance to get:

  • Ningen armor
  • Doom Katana
  • Magma Katana
  • Training Katana

Plus, find the Akiban Defender set in the Yokai Rep Shop in /akiba!

Featured Gear Set: Blood Sworn Samurai

The Blood Sworn Samurai set is now available for AdventureCoins for all players. Members can purchase the set for gold. Talk to Ai No Miko in /shinringrove to find the pieces of the set in her Yokai Loyalty shop.


Treasure Chest Update

Grab your inventories and check for treasure chests! If you've got any laying around, talk to Twilly in Battleon because we have eight new weapons from AQW Community Artist, Hikari available from the Treasure Chest quest.

Treasure chests have a less than 1% chance of dropping from ANY monster in the entire game. Each one contains one of dozens of epi1c Items that you can't get anywhere else. 

Members get two FREE Treasure Chest keys every month their upgrade is active, but all heroes can get  you'll need a Treasure Chest key to try for a reward!

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