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Moglin Art Contest Winners

Glisel | Friday, February 5, 2021

Moglin art... everywhere!

Greetings artists! Last month we asked you to submit your best recreations of our DragonFable-style moglins. We are impressed by all of the incredible artwork that came in. Thank you and great job to everyone who entered the contest.

NOTE: Prizes being awarded today!

Winner's Circle

We couldn't stick to just five winning entries for the Winner's Circle. The quality and creativity, and attention to detail, were too good to ignore. Here are the winners of 1,000 Artix Points.














Kartos Si Botax






And now, for the...

Grand Prize Winner - Soulander!


The Grand Prize is for the entry which best matched the style of Oishii's DragonFable Moglins. We knew this was the right one when Artix saw it and actually had to go ask Oishii if she secretly created this under an alias O_O. The overall best art of a moglin in our classic DragonFable style and winner of 4,000 Artix Points is Soulander (Twitter: @pintordebolo). Congratulations!


Honorable Mentions

First, we'd like to acknowledge some of the artists who submitted excellent Moglins art, but not in the style we asked for. We recognize their talent and hard work.

See all of the Moglin Art Entries!

Thank you to everyone who entered this special contest. It is unbelievable how creative and talented you guys are. The team really enjoyed looking at all your art... definitely rising talent that we need to keep a close eye on. Check out all of the moglin art in the Facebook gallery we just posted:

Moglin Art Facebook Gallery


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