Mogloween 2021: Trick-or-Treat Update!

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Mogloween 2021: Trick-or-Treat Update!

Dove | Friday, October 29, 2021

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we have a big update to the Trick-or-Treating system!

In addition to new enemies (Moglinsters are thing of the past!) and a couple of rare new tricks, you'll also be able to unlock new neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in, in exchange for candy!

These new neighborhoods will provide an increase in maximum potential candy yields, as well as an increase in critical candy chance! Unlocking all of the neighborhoods will also give DragonLord characters a special reward next week!

You'll also be able meet Gargle and Maskmaker, who seem to be behind all those wonderful masks we get every year! (They'll also have the Dragon Coin versions of the masks in stock next week!)

In addition, previous years' Trick-or-Treat events have gained a boost to candy counting rates. Remember, you can always Trick-or-Treat in a later year to get more candy, then go back to unlock things!

Head over to Croft in Chapter 16 of the Mogloween Storybook to check out the new and improved Trick-or-Treating experience!

Trick-or-Treating (and the Mogloween Storybook) will remain for 2 weeks.

And now, some words from Dracelix regarding ShadowHunter!

Greetings players!

It’s time I start throwing my thoughts onto webpages like Dove and Verly have been for all these releases.

With the nature of our development cycle, it can often be hard to find spare time towards larger projects when that time could be put into polishing the present weeks’ content further. I want to try and bridge that gap by dedicating development notes here to show off and discuss bigger scale ideas in development at least once a month.

So we’re starting with something I’ve had in the back of my mind since January of this year:

There are a number of existing classes we feel could receive a ground-up reimagining, but to me ShadowHunter would benefit the most from it. When starting with a redevelopment like this we first go to player feedback and see what went well and what needs some adjustment:

What I gathered the most was that the core theme fits well and the gameplay is interesting, but a new character design and animations for the class would really bring the concept further to life.

So here is my new design proposal:

ShadowHunter is a battle worn gothic monster slayer with the weapons and tools needed to bring any foul creature down!

Please bear in mind that this is a super super early look into the class development, art may change, alternative style customisations may be explored, but above all there is no clear release date in mind for this currently.

I look forward to hearing your opinions and feedback on the new direction for this class, and check here next month for progress on Male version and hopefully some early animation setup!

Very cool! I can't wait to see what Dracelix can do with ShadowHunter!

I'm sure there were some fixes and minor adjustments that I'm forgetting but... I'm very tired after getting everything updated and working. So I think I'll just curl up and have a nice cat nap...

And that's all for this week! 

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