Mogloween 2022: Night of the Ebil Dread!

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Mogloween 2022: Night of the Ebil Dread!

Dove | Saturday, October 15, 2022

Hey there, heroes!

The wonderful season of candy and pumpkins is upon us! As the scent of fallen leaves and spiced Cocoaberry juice wafts through the air, the Cauldron Sisters have created a new spread of tasty Mogloween treats for sale!

Everyone's excited for the first Mogloween to be hosted in Falconreach in a while... but suddenly, an army of undead starts invading out of nowhere! Wait a minute... Seems like Artix might be a bit TOO happy about the situation! Battle on!

That's right, we're celebrating Artix Entertainment's 20th Anniversary with a good old fashioned undead invasion!

This year's Mogloween event begins now! Defend Falconreach from the undead army and catch that Paladin!

Earn Defender Medals, upgrade your gear, unlock cosmetics and more, and save Mogloween!

The Night of Ebil Dread war can be accessed from the Book of Lore.

Night time Book 3 Falconreach has also been decorated for the season!


  • An issue with the Visage of the Adjudicator where the hair was not properly customized to your hair color has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with 2012 (chapter 7) Croft where Masks did not display the correct amount of candy required.

And that's all for this week!

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