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Morning's End and The Valley of Greenguard!

Dove | Saturday, July 17, 2021

Hey, heroes!

This week, we have not one, but TWO quests for ya!

One of them, Morning's End, is the continuation of Sanctuary's Return, available from Leon, in the Shears!

Last time, you learned that Sam and the other Rose soldiers from the Rose garrison of Espina Rosa are still keeping up with their daily lives at the fortress however for some reason Edd, the soldier that you impersonated while infiltrating Espina Rosa and subsequently left at the fortress again, is absent on a medical leave for reasons yet unknown.

Learn a bit more about where the soldiers of Espina Rosa are at, where they are headed and what kind of gap has been left behind by your departure!

And the other one, The Valley of Greenguard, which is available from Swordhaven's very own quest board, takes you on a quest to help local workforce deal with mysterious attacks!

Wow, my design notes sure are short...

Anyway, see you next week!

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