Necromancer Class Armor Overhaul Begins

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Necromancer Class Armor Overhaul Begins

Hollow | Sunday, June 27, 2021

Necromancer Class Skills 1-5:

After a long time of secret preparation, an old friend has finally reached out to you. You have in your hands an invitation to the Obsidian Sanctum, where Kaley waits for a hero's aid to infiltrate the Order of Mantle and unravel it from within. Plotting and fighting at her side, you will expand your knowledge of death itself and pioneer a new way to be a Necromancer!

Take the first five skills of the new Necromancer class for a spin, revisiting classics such as Fear and Undead Giant along with the start of an all new array of undead summons! Also, for anyone looking to add some style to their freshly-reanimated minion, there is new custom coloring functionality as well as minion armor sets for your Misc slots

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