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Clarion | Thursday, March 21, 2024

It’s Time to B.U.I.L.D.!

Exciting news! Housing is making its grand entrance into Adventure Quest 3D this week! Make your way to the Battleon Trade District and have a chat with the B.U.I.L.D. Foreman, Brigitte. She’ll set you on an introductory quest that culminates in you acquiring your very own house! What does this mean for you? Well, as the valiant hero of Lore, you now have a cozy abode to call your own. But wait, there’s more! As a player, this feature grants you the power to customize a delightful slice of Lore. So go forth, decorate, and make your mark on the world!

How does it work?

Once you’ve unlocked your first house, accessing it is a breeze. Simply locate the new housing button in the menu. From there, click on the inviting door icon, and presto! You’ll step into your very own abode. Now that you’re inside your house, it’s time to personalize it with housing items you’ve collected. Don’t fret—you’ll start with a few essential items. Not only can you place these items, but you can also rotate them, adjust their size, and rearrange them to your heart’s content. Here’s the exciting part: objects within your house have collision, which means you can create mini parkour areas or arrange furniture strategically. But how do you acquire new items? I’m glad you asked! Head over to the B.U.I.L.D. Depot in the Battleon Trade District. There, you can purchase housing items using gold from the Basic House Items shop or trade-in Wood Planks and Building Bricks at the B.U.I.L.D. House Items shop. And that’s not all! Niall has a Special Furniture Collections button, featuring Legion-themed house items. Some of these treasures require gold, while others demand Dragon Crystals. Now, let’s talk about collections. Instead of buying an entire collection as individual items, you can use the new “Purchase Now” button. Why is this beneficial? Imagine you want multiple copies of a chair from a collection. If you own the collection, you can snag as many chairs as you’d like without any extra cost. So unleash your creativity—build that tower of chairs and tables. That's just the beginning however. As time goes on we will expand on features and way to obtain new housing items via quests and drops... In fact for those who have completed a wing in the Battleon Museum you'll be able to talk to Danicka Rose to collect a banner for each wing you've filled up with moments!

Museum Update

We’ve taken note of the valuable feedback regarding the Battleon Museum. As a result, we’ve adjusted the number of moments needed to create displays across most zones in this initial wave. Additionally, thanks to bug reports from players, we’ve addressed issues where certain monsters were not dropping moments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

The Return of the Clover Crusaders

The Clover Crusaders have returned to Lore and are seeking to test their mettle against only the strongest heroes Lore has to offer! You’ll find these emerald-clad knights wandering various zones throughout the game world. Just like last time they drop Clover Leaves which you can trade in at the Battleon Social District for Lucky Day rewards. While you’re there, why not do battle against returning Lucky Day bosses including King Sneed the Clover Conqueror who has a chance to drop a special green variant of the cardboard crown called the Crown of the Clover Conqueror.

Prosperity’s Plunder

Are you feeling lucky? Try your chances at obtaining this drop off the Clover Crusaders! We don’t normally share drop rates but this is a special occasion. It’s… 7.77%. Happy hunting!


Lost in the Mail

Earlier this week we sent mail out to players containing a promo item. However, there was an issue where some people didn't receive the mail... we think this might have to do with mail privacy issues. Now, we don't want anyone missing out on this promo item – so we placed the item in a promo shop in the Shops menu. This item is limited time and will be available from now until September 4th.

Get Legion Wings for a limited time

The Wings of the Astral Veil are now available for a limited time only. To get these amazing items, you need to purchase any package in the upgrade shop, now with 50% extra Dragon Crystals on select packages. For those that get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the Spectral Wings of the Astral Veil, a ghostly variant that is only for Guardians!


New Contest: Design a Poster for Burger Hero

Calling all aspiring artists and seasoned fry cooks worldwide: we invite you to design a poster for Burger Hero! We know it’s a dream come true for many a hero who wishes to have their art immortalized in digital fast food restaurants, and now is your chance! 
Read the juicy contest details here.

Battle on!
Clarion, Yergen, Oishii, Blaze, Broomtool, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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