New Rare Set Doom DragonSlayer

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New Rare Set: Doom DragonSlayer

Alina | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Available from your Featured Gear Shop until August 31!

Crafted specially for you as we battle the Deadtech army. The pieces of this deadly, draconic set will be available for AdventureCoins* until August 31st. Then it goes rare... FOREVER. 

The Magical Pop Star set contains:

  • Doom DragonSlayer armor
  • 4 Doom DragonSlayer helmets
  • Digital Dragon Guard cape
  • Digital Dragon and Cloak cape
  • Doom DragonSlayer's Wrap, Wings, and Winged Wrap capes
  • Cybernetic DragonBlade
  • Cybernetic Dragon Spear

*As well as a few capes available for gold.

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