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Nightwraith's New Bounties

Nightwraith | Thursday, November 10, 2022

Battlepass Changes

Based on your ongoing feedback we have made the following changes to the Battlepass Challenges.

  • Reduced max cap on 2v2 challenge to 10. Increased base XP to 200 from 100.
  • Reduced max use of coupons challenges to 1 from 5. Increase base XP on Class Change Coupon to 1000.
  • Reduced Hair Change base challenge XP to 50 from 250.
  • "Defeat any NPC" base XP reduced to 100 from 150.
  • "Play a PvP match with no Active or Passive Cores equipped" base XP increased from 200 to 400.
  • Removed Nightmare and Legendary Bosses from the pool of class-specific challenges. You may lose progress on current boss challenges, but the revised challenges should be much easier to complete.

So far we've received a wealth of suggestions for improvements, changes, and additions to the Battlepass, and we will consider all of them as we improve what we can in the current season and look towards the next. Thank you for your patience as we build upon this robust system and help reveal its full potential.


ArmoryBot Restock!

Weapons added to ArmoryBot

  • Nightwraith's Avatar Slayer P
  • Nightwraith's Avatar Slayer E
  • Nightmare Wraith Pikes P
  • Nightmare Wraith Pikes E


Expanded Nightwraith Missions

The mission "36" has been replace with 2 new missions in the chain Party Business.

  • 37
  • 38


New Nightwraith Bounties

This update is introducing 4 new mission chains offering enticing rewards including Credits, XP, Coupons, and Achievements!

New Missions added to Nightwraith!

  • Night's Basic Bounties
    • Craven Cravings
    • Guard Gotcha
    • Hitting Heavy Hitters
    • Sly Resupply
    • Shadow of Doubt
    • Stay Hydrated!
    • Solo Tested
    • Duo Tested
    • Free for All Finale
    • Spare Shades
  • Night's Big Bounties
    • Solo Trial 1
    • Solo Trial 2
    • Solo Trial 3
    • Duo Trial 1
    • Duo Trial 2
    • Duo Trial 3
    • Duelist Trail 1
    • Duelist Trail 2
    • Duelist Trail 3
    • Duelist Trail 4
  • Night's Boss Blitz
    • Target: Theon
    • Target: Bido
    • Target: Deuce
    • Target: Seth Juron
    • Target: Revontheus
    • Target: Darkon
    • Target: Rabblefroth
    • Target: Charfade
    • Target: Titan
    • Target: Dage the Evil
    • Target: Acatriel
    • Target: REDACTED

New Missions added to Nightmare Nightwraith!

  • Night's Nightmare Blitz
    • Target: Nightmare Pumpkin Lord
    • Target: Nightmare Capt. Shoggoth
    • Target: Nightmare Kartherax
    • Target: Nightmare Abyss Spider
    • Target: Nightmare Azrael
    • Target: Nightmare Adjudicator
    • Target: Nightmare Charfade
    • Target: Nightmare Dage
    • Target: Nightmare Luthiel
    • Target: Nightmare Acatriel
    • Target: Nightmare Titan
    • Target: Nightmare Finale


Power Weekend!

Power Hour has been enabled from now through to Sunday evening!

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