November Nightmare

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November Nightmare

Nightwraith | Friday, February 5, 2021


A new portal has opened in the Wasteland Minetower! This dimensional tear has trapped another being not of this world: Darkon. Visit him in his dark and mysterious limbo to procure new weapons of war and accept a mighty challenge!


New Items:

Visit Darkon to gain access to a new shop of otherworldly weapons surging with lethal power!

  • Darkon's Debris Katana P
  • Darkon's Debris Katana E
  • Darkon's Debris Scythe P
  • Darkon's Debris Scythe E
  • Darkon's Debris Berserker P
  • Darkon's Debris Berserker E
  • Darkon's Debris Spear P
  • Darkon's Debris Spear E
  • Darkon's Debris Blades P
  • Darkon's Debris Blades E
  • Darkon's Debris Axe P
  • Darkon's Debris Axe E
  • Darkon's Debris Staff P
  • Darkon's Debris Staff E

 Infinity Power Strike (Unlimited) core now sold at Titan!

New Achievements

  • Darkon Destroyer (Earned for defeating new boss Darkon!)
  • Nightwraith Chop (Evolving Achievement with 10 levels)


New and Returning Missions!

Several missions are returning in honor of another seasonally recurring event: Nightwraith's birthday! 

  • OneX6 Retrieval: Returning with 2 new mission!
    • OneX6 7
    • Loyalty Tax
  • Party Business: Returning with 1 new mission!
    • 36
  • A Bold Bounty: Returning. Can you defeat Nightmare Nightwraith and win Nightwraith's Armor?



  • Tactical Mercenary:
    • Barbed Grenade: Changed stat requirement to Strength instead of Dexterity
  • Tech Mage:
    • Malfunction: Increased stat requirement. Level 1 = 24 Dexterity, increasing by 2 per level

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