Nulgath Nation Arcade

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Nulgath Nation Arcade

Nightwraith | Friday, July 8, 2022

Nulgath Nation Arcade

There's finally a new Arcade to deposit some of your hard-earned Arcade Tokens into to score a host of new Nulgath items! Don't have Arcade Tokens and not enough Varium to buy some? Remember that you can earn them for free through PvP victories and many daily missions!

  • Gold Tier
    • Reincarnated Overfiend P
    • Reincarnated Overfiend E
  • Silver Tier
    • Reincarnated Scythe P
    • Reincarnated Scythe E
    • Taro's ManSlayer CC P
    • Taro's ManSlayer CC E
  • Bronze Tier
    • Reincarnated Blade P
    • Reincarnated Blade E
    • Empyrean Blade P
    • Empyrean Blade E
    • Nation Symbiote Sword P
    • Nation Symbiote Sword E
    • Soul Devourer P
    • Soul Devourer E
    • Nulgath's Visage
    • Draconic Overfiend P
    • Draconic Overfiend E
    • Overfiend Blade Display

Each new arcade comes with a new Arcade leaderboard and an evolving achievement to boost your score and show off the fruits of your lucky spins to all your friends and foes!


New PvP Drops

  • Home Items
    • Classic Nulgath Statue Right
    • Classic Nulgath Statue Left
    • Nulgath Portal
    • Overfiend's Runes
    • OS Nulgath Statue Right
    • OS Nulgath Statue Left
    • Nulgath Bobblehead
  • Weapons
    • Bido's Beast Breaker P
    • Bido's Beast Breaker E
    • Bido's Beast Breaker 2 P
    • Bido's Beast Breaker 2 E


Bido's Birthday Bash!

Visit Bido in the Afterlife to accept his new Bido's Birthday Bash missions! These missions come with lavish rewards of Credits, weapons, and an Achievement!

  • Bido Breaker Badge
  • Bido's Beast Breaker CC P
  • Bido's Beast Breaker CC E


Balance Changes

  • Nightmare Acatriel: Since nobody has defeated him yet, his HP has been reduced to 25K
  • Concentration: Removed deflection damage reduction passive effect

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