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Nulgath's Birthday Collection

Alina | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Unlock 60+ rare items in Nulgath's Birthday Collection

Nulgath the ArchFiend’s birthday celebration is this weekend, and we want everyone to get in on the /party! Join us as we bring back his seasonal birthday gear and a new shop FULL of wicked rare items! And for all you real-life rare hunters, the first-ever Nulgath Collection Chest is here! Get all of the event rare gear, including bank pets, 8 armor sets, and a rare character page badge for 10,000 ACs! (Over 20,000 ACs worth of gear)

This week, Nulgath's Collection Chest unlocks over 60 items, including:

  • Nulgath's Larvae Gift Pet (with a quest for the exclusive character page badge)
  • Nulgath's Fiendish Gift Bank Pet
  • Trascendent of Tercessuinotlim armor set
  • Dragon Tamer of Tercessuinotlim armor set
  • HypeFiend of Nulgath armor set
  • Underworld Heretic armor set
  • Void TideWalker armor set
  • Jolly Void Pirate armor set
  • OverSoul Paladin armor set (with and without shield variants)
  • Evolved Legacy of Nulgath armor set

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive pets, all of the gear contained inside the Frostval Collection chest will also be available to buy individually in Nulgath's birthday shop.

Rare Farming sets

Last week, we announced that several of the Nulgath birthday sets would be available via the birthday rares shop, rare collection chest, and would have farming variants (because of how intense Nulgath quest farming is). These sets are...

  • Evolved Legacy of Nulgath armor set 
  • Transcendent of Tercessuinotlim armor set 
  • Void Cowboy armor set 
  • Hypefiend of Nulgath armor set

All of the farming variants of the gear will be permanently rare, to match the rarity of the shop items. Because of the difficulty of Nulgath quest farming, however, the farming versions of the gear will be available through the end of the year.

We know that many of our heroes do not have time for intense farming; the shop variants keep them in mind. For heroes who prefer to farm, we've got you covered with the quest versions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feedback and excitement over Nulgath's birthday items!

UPDATE: Nulgath's Farming Quests BUFFED!

Asuka and his little diabolical minions have rebalanced quests on Drudgen the Assistant, Crag and Bamboozle, and Nulgath Larvae!

The goal of these changes was to update the requirements and rewards to better reflect today’s Nulgath farming standards. Or, in other words, "they done got buffed, y'all."

Get more details on exactly what changed and where in this Design Notes post.

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